How to use pick_otus command line qiime2 in virtual box


I am very naive in using qiime, I just set up my qiime2 through virtualbox yesterday.
My aim is to use this tool to cluster my 16s sequences of isolated bacteria from two different media… now my questions are:
1- Is it a proper way to use qiime for what I am aiming?
2- if yes to Q1, how can I run my data through qiime2 virtualbox terminal command?
3- is there any tutorial for this mean which may show step-by step importing/ exporting data and the OTUs table?

I would be really thankful if you could help me on this. and I am so sorry if my questions are too simple and may be boring!


This is a pretty big question, have you tried looking at and following the tutorials?

I would work through the moving pictures tutorial and look at the importing data tutorial and picking which one you would like to follow.

Then I would look at the OTU tutorial.

Between them they seem to be the kind of thing you want (bear in mind I never used Q1).


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