How to turn a fastq file into artifact .qza qiime2

Working on qiime2 with ubuntu app. I have removed all barcodes from sample and have a barcodes.fastq. NAMEreverse.fastq, and NAMEforward.fastq file. I need to create artifacts in (.qza) and rename each file barcodes.fastq.gz reverse.fastq.gz and forward.fastq.gz. renaming I can do. Lost on creating the qza artifact


You will want to keep your barcodes in your sample for the importing step, you remove them later on in your analysis. Renaming simply allows you to run import which creates your .qza file. The renaming is necessary so that the import tools know which file is which.

If your reads are EMP formatted, you can use the commands found here to import the data. If they are not, you will have use these commands instead. If this is the case you will have to create a metadata file that contains your barcodes.

In either case, the output is a multiplexed .qza file whose name and location are specified by the --output-path portion of your commnad. You will then demultiplex(see this chart to choose the appropriate method) and continue your analysis :slightly_smiling_face:

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