how to prepare metadata and manifest files to be ready for qiime2?


Attached the file I got from my lab and someone started but not finished it. I need to prepare manifest file before qiime. How to know if the read forward or reverse and how to know the sample names and ID from the picture? Thanks

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Make it look like this:


Thanks. How to do it like this? do I need a code or do it manually? where to find this data? I am attaching a picture of excel file of sequences and does not say which forward and which reverse .04%20PM

Generally, and I say generally, R1 is usually forward and R2 is reverse.

You will need to know the FULL file path, which is why I used that long path.

You can do it manually with a little bit of terminal and excel work, it should take maybe 5-10 minutes depending on how well you know the commands.

When you get the file path and the files in excel, it’s a simple concatenate command + β€œ/”. Ben

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thanks how to get the full path so I know if the read R1 or R2? the excel file I have does not have the full path except for the first few samples.

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This trick has changed my life. Ben


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