How to perform pircrust2 analysis using qiime 2 files and what are commands for to do so

Hi there,
I have three questions

  1. Whether qiime2-amplicon-2023.9 supports picrust2 analysis. I may have missed the plugin.
  2. If yes, how to do it. Please share commands and files can I use for this analysis?
  3. Any other alternative online pipeline to simply upload .qza file and get it.

Hi @Bhagwan,

  1. Picrust2 is a community developed plug-in so it is not included in any of the official qiime2 distributions and needs to be imported directly. Please follow the installation tutorial at this link.

  2. There is this tutorial for using picrust that you may find useful in getting started.

  3. Not sure what you mean here but if you have more specific questions after the tutorials I am happy to help if I can OR one of the picrust2 developers can help with more complex support.

  4. If you ever get stuck I recommend searching the forum for previously answered questions for the issue you are facing, you can often find a solution there.


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