How to organize courses based on QIIME2

Hello everyone, I would have a question for developers. A colleague and I are organizing a course on microbial ecology in Berlin in April. We are enthusiastic users of QIIME1 and 2 for years we had thought about using QIIME2 for laboratories. We would like to know if there are any guidelines to use/advertise QIIME2 in this kind of courses. Thanks to everyone in advance for the support and the super work you do!

Hi @anna_sandionigi1,
We don’t have formal guidelines for this, but it’s something that we may have in the future. We typically do a two-day hands-on workshop for workshops that are focused entirely on QIIME 2. That may be more than you’re looking for though if this is a general microbial ecology workshop, and it is common to integrate QIIME into a shorter workshop. You might take a look at the STAMPS workshop, the Edamame workshop, and the Workshop on Genomics, to see how they work QIIME into a more general workshop agenda.

In our two-day workshops we often start with a refresher for using command line software, and then show the students how to access QIIME 2 on the server that we use for the hands-on portions of the course. We then typically work through the Moving Pictures tutorial, introducing the underlying concepts and theory (e.g., demultiplexing sequences, alpha diversity, …) as we go, and then have students perform the corresponding steps in the tutorial and answer questions about the resulting output. We build in a lot of breaks for users to ask questions, either about the material we’ve covered or their own studies. The workshops usually wrap with the introduction of some newer or more experimental QIIME 2 plugins.

As far as advertising, we’re happy to have you post an announcement of this workshop on the QIIME 2 Forum if you’d like to do that. We would just need to note in there that it’s not being taught by the development team, but rather by a “third-party” group.

Hope this helps, and thanks for your interest in teaching QIIME 2! If you end up planning this workshop and would like some stickers to hand out to your students, send me a DM on this forum with your address and we’ll get some out to you.


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