how to make proportion plots with the latest QIIME2 version

Can you point to me where are the scripts to make a proportional plot using QIIME 2 202.2? I can find the scripts to make a heatmap but not the proportional plot.

Thank you!

Hi @ranocchia,

could you clarify with an example what type of plot do you refer with proportional, please? I am not sure I am following you.

Still … to give you my best guess, the ‘taxa barplot’ plug in ( visualises the taxonomy abundances as proportion of the total abundance for that sample into a bar-chart. Please note that the data are ‘relative’ cunts only on the plot, if you download the table form there you will have absolute count.

A different option could be to convert the absolute count in the feature artefact into relative counts using the ‘feature-table relative-frequency’ plug in ( If you then export the data from there with the ‘tools export’ plug in you should obtain the same data in biom format. Finally, you can convert the biom table into a tab-delimited file by using the ‘biom convert’ command (if you using qiime2 conda environment is already installed, At this point you can load the table into your preferred plotting tool.

Hope this make sense.

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