How to install QIIME2 using virtualBox?

Hi- I want to install Qiime2 using virtualBox.

  1. First I install the VirtualBox.
  2. I should download the Qiime2 core virtualBox image.
    a) The questions is that this image is called file? b) I can’t file. c) https;// is not found.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    xiaohong Li
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Hello Xiaohong,

This link works for me. It downloads a very large zip file:

Let me know if you are able to download that file. Once downloaded, you can open and run the VM image, just like you described.


Hi @x0li0013,

Are you by chance behind an institutional firewall? We’ve had issues with that in the past.

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Yes, Thank you very much for the prompt response!
Have a good day!

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