how to import multiple representative fasta files into qiime2 for picrust analysis

Hii Qiime Members,
I have a query about importing my representative sequences into QIIME 2 for PICRUSt2 analysis. I have individual FASTA files for each sample. How can I import these representative FASTA files into QIIME 2 for PICRUSt analysis? The OTU table was generated using other tools, not QIIME 2.

Thank You

Hi @Rishikesh12,

Happy to help you get your data imported! :qiime2:

Just FYI I've moved your question over to user support since you are asking specifically how to import data into QIIME 2 - if you have any questions regarding PICRUSt2 functionality, I'll just ask that you create a separate post for that down the line.

With that being said - you can import a FASTA file into QIIME 2 by following particular formatting requirements that we have. Here's a great post with reference to those requirements, which also references our importing docs that discuss this as well.

Hope this helps! Cheers :lizard:

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