How to import and convert my FastQ files to qiime artifacts

Hello everyone
I have a problem wanting to convert my FastQ files from illumina MiSeq to qiime artifacts, someone knows the routine to accomplish this

I am a master student, and a new user of qiime 2, I want to import my 4 samples of FastQ but I get the following error in the terminal, I would greatly appreciate your support


Hi @Nasute! It looks like you solved your first problem (the file paths in your manifest don’t look like they quite matched where the files are on disk).

The second error is also pretty straightforward: you spelled the word “forward” as “foward” (check out the error message you provided, it says it observed to word “foward”). Just fix up the spelling on that first line and you should be set. Good luck! :t_rex:

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Yea, its correct
thank you very much!

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