how to generate heat map in qiime2 for multiple samples

metadata.tsv (57.3 KB) table-deblur.qza (385.6 KB) taxonomy.qza (147.3 KB)

How to generate heat map for each sample and to find taxonomy diversity difference in each sample.

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Hi @Rishabh,

  1. Heatmaps. To make a heatmap you can run qiime feature-table heatmap --help. There are a variety of threads on the forum related to heatmaps. Hopefully you can find what you need there.

  2. Diversity. There are many ways to generate and view diversity in QIIME 2. Iā€™d recommend walking through some of the tutorials here.

  3. Combining the two: Finally, check out this forum thread for really neat tricks to generate heatmaps of your alpha diversity values:



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