How to create a proper manifest file and how to import it?

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I have 2 paired end file that are already demultiplexed, and i tried to import it using fastq manifest format, but i am always failed to do that, is my manifest format are wrong? iam already following the tutorial and using Phred33 and Phred64 input format. Iam really appreciate your help and suggestion

This is my manifest file

and this is my error report

Hey there @Aditya_Ragil_Suharto!

Have you had a closer look at the error message you provided? It only found 2 cells (columns) on line 2, but it was hoping to find 3. Now look at what it found for the value in the second column: $PWD/Dompu/forward.fastq.gz.forward. Each column is created by comma-separating the values --- according to the error (and the manifest you posted), you used a period (.) between gz and forward, instead of a comma (,).

Hope that helps! :t_rex: :qiime2:

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Thank you very much Mr. @thermokarst i didn’t see that… now i already generated the demux file

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