How to convert Biom Taxonomy file to qza

I have the attached taxonomy file with my abundances for my different samples. How do I convert this data back to a qza file?

table.from_biom_w_taxonomy (2).txt (1.2 MB)

I didn't know what the correct type to use would be. Obviously it's a FeatureData one. My collaborator made me this file and said it was normalized. Would this just be FeatureData[Composition]?

Hello @hharder,

You want FeatureTable[Frequency]. FeatureTable[Composition] requires that all counts be greater than zero. See this.


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qiime tools import --type 'FeatureData[Frequency]' --input-path taxonomy.tsv --output-path taxonomy.qza

Like this? I get an error now.

"An unexpected error has occurred:

cannot import name 'ProteinIterator'"


FeatureTable[Frequency], not FeatureData[Frequency].

Even after fixing that I get the same error.
"An unexpected error has occurred:

cannot import name 'ProteinIterator'"

I figured this out. My rescript version was incompatible with my Qiime version. Downgrading to 2020.11 fixed this issue.


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