How many CPU and GPU hours needs QIIME2?

I need to fill a format to install de softaware QIIME2, but the format ask me the hours in CPU, GPU. Also I need to know the max/min about CPU-cores and max/min Fermi-cards.


Could you post a screen shot of the exact message you are receiving? It may be something we can help you with, but it sounds like this is a configuration issue/setting in the machine that you are trying to install QIIME2 on. If that is the case you will need to get ahold of whoever is the administrator for that machine.

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Is this for running a job on a HPC at an institution? Unfortunately, this is heavily dependent on the HPC hardware, how it shares jobs, how much data you have, and the job you are trying to do. If there is anyone else you know of who has used this machine to run QIIME 2 steps before, you could talk with them to get a ballpark idea. It also depends on whether you keep your job if you run out of time(usually not) and how billing is done at your institution. If you can let us know on here what you are trying to do and the size of your dataset, there may be other users here who can help you answer this question.

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