How can I further analyze the output of q2-picrust2 .qza file

Hi there,
I’ m a starter in picrust plugin, recently I’ve been trying to use my metagenome data to find out the relation between significant OTUs and metabolic pathways.
I’ve done the q2-picrust2 full-pipeline procedure and got several files: ec_metagenome.qza
And I converted them into biom and tsv files.
My questions are as follows:
How can I relate the plain text file with my original otu-table?
How can I know which OTUs are related to these pathways specific since there’s no OTUID in the .tsv file I got?

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Welcome to the forum @11123!
I do not really know how to work with these files outside of QIIME 2, but it looks like the picrust2 tutorial might give some guidance, especially regarding this question:

See here:

Good luck!