Help Interpreting Interactive Quality Plot


This is my first time running Qiime2, and I recently ran an interactive quality plot on my data (72 samples total); however, the plot that was produced doesn't really look like a lot of other interactive quality plots I've seen in the past. Overall, it seems like the data quality is decent, but I was wondering why it looked so different from other files.


Hello @2Black_Cats,

Are these sequences from a newer illumina machine? Some of them output binned quality scores that can look like this. If it's older data then the quality score encoding could be off, but you should have gotten an error during import if that were the case.


Hi! Thanks for the reply. They were sequenced at a sequencing center with an Illumina Miniseq.

Hello @2Black_Cats,

Yeah, likely binned quality scores, so no reason to worry.

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