Help installing for newbies

Is there a dumbed down version to install and use qiime2 for users who are very new to using this software?

Hi @lucasa7,
We dont really have a numbie distribution of QIIME 2. Can you tell me what your analysis goals are and I can tell you the best distribution for you to install?

I will be installing and using Qiime for eDNA metabarcoding

Hi @lucasa7,

You will most likely want to install the QIIME 2 Amplicon Distribution! In terms of you being a newbie to the software, I'd highly recommend going through our User Documentation - in particular, I'd recommend going through the Moving Pictures tutorial. This will get you accustomed to some standard workflows in QIIME 2, and will also show you what kind of data can be used for different types of analysis.

Hope this helps! Cheers :lizard:

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