Heatmap - weighted_unifrac Mantel correlation

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I am trying to run the beta-rarefaction: Beta diversity rarefaction using the weighted unifrac distance matrix.
My doubt is the interpretation of the heatmap weighted unifrac Mantel correlation.
Below the visualization link and attached the file

Could you please help me with it?

Thank you very much.


Hi @chiara,

The heat map tells you the relationship between each of your rarefaction iterations. The mantel test lets you test for a correlation between two distance matrices. The heatmap shows the correlation between each of those distance matrices (it’s a lower triangle because the correlation is the same on the other side of the diagonal.) You have a high (very close to 1) correlation between the distance matrices, meaning the relationship between your samples is persevered during rarefaction.


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Thank you Justine for your clear explanation and your help!

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