Heatmap using Bray-Curtis dissimilarity dendrogram

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I´m trying to perform a heatmap of my 16s feature-table using qiime feature-table heatmap, but I would like to sort the Y axis (samples) based on a Bray-Curtis dissimilarity dendrogram. Is that possible by using only qiime2 tools? If not, could you recommend me an alternative to do so or a similar analysis? Is it possible to plot more than one metadata feature at the same time alongside the Y axis?

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Hi @Manuss_Ponce,

Short answer: no there is no way to use your own dendrogram.

Bray-Curtis distance is one of the available metrics for clustering features on the dendrogram, and you can select this with the --p-metric parameter.

Using a precomputed distance matrix would be really great, though, because then you could support other distance metrics like UniFrac. I have raised a feature request to add this some day in the future.

No, it is not.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the answers!

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