Heatmap - to remove axis information

Hi Everyone,

I was able to generate the heatmap sucessfully : -)
But, I’m wondering if it would be possible to remove the #SampleID information from the y axis.
Because #SampleID and Sample consist of the same information, which comes from my Metadata table.
#SampleID is the name of my samples from the fastq.qz files, and Sample is the name on the column.

Follow the command I used:

qiime feature-table heatmap --i-table Table_Top25_VA.qza --m-sample-metadata-file Metadata.csv --m-sample-metadata-column Sample --p-metric braycurtis --p-method average --p-cluster both --p-color-scheme rocket --o-visualization Table_Top25_VA.qzv

I attached the Heatmap image to try to clarify my question.

I will appreciate any help,


Hi. I think that you can either redraw the figure from .csv files or edit the image in any image editing software.

As @timanix proposed, you could just edit with image editing software (e.g., adobe illustrator) for a quick fix.

I may have a more “out of the box” solution for you though: it sounds like Sample and #SampleID are totally redundant and you are using --m-sample-metadata-column Sample to relabel the samples with the label that you want to display (e.g., in publication). An alternative is to use qiime feature-table group to relabel the sample IDs with any label that you want for publication. Do this:

  1. Relabel sample IDs with group following the steps described in this post. That will create a new feature table where the sample IDs are the Sample names (or any other metadata information that you want to use to relabel sample IDs)
  2. Input the new table to heatmap and there should be no need to input metadata to label with additional metadata, so your command would look like this:
qiime feature-table heatmap \
    --i-table RELABELED-TABLE.qza \
    --p-metric braycurtis \
    --p-method average \
    --p-cluster both \
    --p-color-scheme rocket \
    --o-visualization Table_Top25_VA.qzv

Good luck!


Thank you both!!!

I will definitely try this! :smile:


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