heatmap interpretation

I performed the ancom test to identify features that are differentially abundant (see figure 1) and I found two taxa...
Then I performed gneiss test and I generated a heatmap to confirm my ancom result.
My doubt is in which way I can interpret the heatmap (fig2) ? In the past I can perform balance taxonomy that showed much clearer graphic displayed. In this case how do i identify the taxa seen with ancom? In the new version of the heatmap there aren't y0numerator and y0denominator.

Thanks for read my post!

One way is to filter the table prior to generating the heatmap:


You could filter to just the two features identified in your ANCOM results.

This visualization is actually pretty old (it might even predate the old q2-gneiss heatmaps) - this plot is meant to be general purpose, while the q2-gneiss heatmap was more specific. The q2-gneiss heatmap was deprecated and then removed though (I think there is info in the 2019.10 or 2020.2 release announcements about the motivation of the removal).

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