grouping seqs by metadata

Hello there!

I divided gut samples into fore-, mid-, and hind-guts. I then sampled from gut contents and gut scrapings and sequenced the PCR products. After preliminary analysis, I would now like to group the sequencing results together by gut segment (ie, group foregut contents with foregut scrapings, midgut contents with midgut scrapings, and hindgut contents with hindgut scrapings) using the following script:

qiime feature-table group
–i-table table.qza
–p-axis sample
–m-metadata-file metadata.csv
–m-metadata-column segment \
–p-mode sum
–o-grouped-table table_bysegment.qza

my question is: do I need to group the representative sequences by segment after grouping the table by segment? If so, how should I do it?

Sorry for the basic question. I tried to search the forum but could not find an answer.



No need to group representative sequences. Sequences will be the same, you just changing the amount of sequences by grouping samples.



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