Gneiss output cut at vertical axis

a visualization of q2 gneiss balance-taxonomy produces a graph with metadata combinations given on the left vertical axis. Unfortunately, it seems that this labelling is cut at the y-axis, if the strings are a bit longer.
The graph below (balance taxonomy) seems to be ok.
Could this be adjusted that the entire graph is moved to the right accordingly (as for balance taxonomy).
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Could you please send your QZV so that we could take a closer look?


Yes, of course: here is it...
Best regards
y0_L5_taxa_summary.qzv (117.1 KB)

Thanks @arwqiime! I have raised a bug report documenting this issue. This will be fixed in an upcoming release and you can track that issue for updates.

In the mean time sorry to say you may just need to manually reconstruct the correct labels for that plot :frowning: fortunately enough label appears preserved for interpretation of the results.

Actually — if you don’t mind sending me your data, I can use that as a test case for fixing this issue (should be a quick fix), and I can send you the output with full labels. Feel free to send the data in a DM if you don’t want it to be public. Send all inputs, metadata, and the command you used. Thanks!