Gneiss hierarchy node labels

I am running qiime2 ver 2019.4 on a mac.

I have performed the gneiss analysis on my data as described in the tutorial. I currently have a dendrogram, a heatmap, and a list of nodes (y0 through y976). I have run regression analysis to test a single factor- from which I have determined several nodes are significantly affected by this factor. The first of which is y0, then y2, then several dozen others. I would like to follow these nodes from the top of the hierarchy (y0) and trace a path through nodes with significant effects all the way to a branch terminal where a single taxon (ASV) would be located. I dont know if this path exists, but Iā€™d like to look and see if it does. Should such a path exist, the terminal taxon would be of importance consequence of the factor that I am testing.

Unfortunately, the dendrogram visualization cannot be zoomed in far enough to see all the nodes, and the nodes are not labelled (ie y0, y77, etc.). So, is there a way to visualize the dendrogram with node ids? Or, perhaps, is there a way to run the balance-taxonomy function and get the node ids on each side of the balance rather than the taxa?

Any help would be very much welcome. I hope my question is clear- please let me know if it is not. Thanks.

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Hi @nvtravan, yes that is a huge problem. Unfortunately tree visualization is quite difficult (and a bit outside my expertise to be frank).

In the mean time, Iā€™d consider instead visualizing trees through iTOL ā€“ they claim to be compatible with qiime2 files.

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