get a bad request error when adonis test

Hello, I am a totally freshman, trying to use qiime2 sutdio(2022.2?) to analysis my data set. I have already got unifrac distance matrix and pcoa and so on. However when I try to compare the data from two groups, I get an error like " BAD REQUEST - Metadata may not be parsed with this util.". I am very confused. because I followed some sample metafile to make my metafile, I thought it should be worked. I think I made a big mistake, can anyone help me?
I paste details of my metafile below. 0 means control and 1 means administration of some drugs. 1-N or others means a name of a sample.
thank you

sample-id admin.
1-N 0
2-B 0
2-N 0
3-L 0
4-L 0
4-N 0
7-N 0
7-L 0
8-N 0
8-L 0
1-L 1
1-R 1
2-L 1
2-R 1
8-B 1
3-R 1
4-B 1
4-LC 1
4-R 1
7-R 1
7-B 1
8-R 1

Hi @weiranmm,

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My guess is that the issue is the period in admin. So, I might try renaming "admin." to "admin". R uses periods as special characters in names.


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