Genus-level boxplots

I want a box plot that will show the taxonomic abundances at genus level only.
is it possible in qiime2?

Hi @Nisha,
Boxplots no, but the taxa barplot visualization creates a stacked barplot of relative abundances of all of your features which can then be collapsed interactively to whatever level you want (6=Genus). Check out the one in Moving Pictures tutorial for an example of this. Does this get what you were looking for?

I want to view the taxonomic composition of my samples with bar plots only at level6.
because when I select level6 in the bar plot that qiime has generated, it is showing all levels till 6.

Hi @Nisha,
Ah, sorry I misunderstood your original question then. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do that in Qiime2. There are both technical and logistical reasons why this isn’t done or is avoided but if you wanted only the genus name to appear in the legend/plots you’ll have to export the data and custom design this outside of Qiime2.

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