Generating a Representative Sequences File from Qitta "Pick Closed-Reference OTUs" Artifacts


I was trying to download the HMP data from Qiita and import them to Qiime2 for the downstream analyses. They have provided the processed data based on the SortMeRNA algorithm (unfortunately, they did not have the deblur outputs), which contains the following files:

  • otu_table.biom
  • log.txt
  • sortmerna_picked_otus.tgz
  • index.html
  • support_files

I encountered this nice tutorial on transferring Qiita artifacts to Qiime2; however, the tutorial did not cover how to generate rep-seqs.qza from the outputs of SortMeRNA.

I wonder if there is any way we can generate the rep-seqs.qza from the SortMeRNA outputs? Thanks in advance!

Hello Huang,

The file sortmerna_picked_otus.tgz is your rep-seqs.qza in this case.

This is the result of close-ref OTU counting, so this is just OTUs from the database that have been matched using SortMeRNA.

Let us know if you are able to import your data! :qiime2:

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