Functional analysis of QIIME2-Shotgun

Hello. I want to do functional analysis using QIIME2-Shotgun. Is it possible to do functional analysis using QIIME2-Shotgun?

Hi @sooni
I don't think we have a tutorial for this yet but the functionality is available! Here is the github:(GitHub - bokulich-lab/q2-moshpit: MOdular SHotgun metagenome Pipelines with Integrated provenance Tracking)

I want to do functional analysis of shotgun data with QIIME2-shotgun distribution.
Does anyone know how? Please let me know.

Thank you!

Can I know which commands are used for functional analysis?

Hi @sooni,

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As @cherman2 mentioned, we do not have a formal tutorial on our shotgun distribution of QIIME 2, as these plugins are still in an alpha release. You can find more information on this distribution in this forum post. For particular commands for functional analysis, please take a look at the link @cherman2 provided for q2-moshpit.

Cheers :lizard:


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