Functional Analysis gut microbiota

Following Metagenomics with QIIME 2 - Spring 2024 Leiden & Zurich Tutorial
for functional analysis step, i have been facing obstacles. Should i download certain database to proceed ?
qiime moshpit eggnog-diamond-search
--i-sequences "./moshpit_tutorial/cache:contigs"
--i-diamond-db "./moshpit_tutorial/cache:eggnog_diamond_full"
--p-num-cpus 14
--o-eggnog-hits "./moshpit_tutorial/cache:diamond_hits_contigs"
--o-table "./moshpit_tutorial/cache:diamond_feature_table_contigs"

Hi @Karim_Talaat ,

Yes, it sounds like you skipped the setup guide:

Good luck!

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Hi @Nicholas_Bokulich
Thanks a lot for your response.