full metadata from the moving pictures paper - where can I find it?

In my project I am analysing data from the Moving pictures paper (all samples not only those that are available in the tutorial). I am interested in the antibiotics usage of both subjects.
I have downloaded metadata from QIITA and also checked MG-RAST as written in the original paper, however nowhere have I found info about antibiotics usage that is present in the QIIME2 tutorial metadata. Do you know where can I find the moving pictures metadata with antibiotics usage column?
Thank you for your help!

Hi @zzkar, Unfortunately that is not data that was tracked throughout the full project, but rather added in for illustrative purposes in the tutorial data set. In that project, the two subjects had taken antibiotics just prior to starting sampling (the antibiotics were what prompted the data collection). When we constructed the tutorial data set we therefore indicated that the early samples from the project were associated with recent antibiotic usage. Antibiotics were not taken around the time points associated with the later samples in tutorial data set (confirmed when the tutorial was developed) but we did not compile that information for all samples in the full project.


I understand, thank you very much for the answer!

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