From qurro to taxa barplots

I would like to use taxa barplots to display selected feature e.g. from qurro analyses.

For testing I did the following:
I have analysed a microbiome data by deicode and could identify the most contributing taxa to rpca along one axis in qurro (used autoselection of top/bottom 1%).
I exported these features from qurro und used these features to filter a frequency table by ‘qiime feature-table filter-features’. A taxa barplot using these filtered table and the taxonomic classification gave me a barplot with just the features previously exported from qurro.

Not bad, showed the selected relative abundances, but I lost of course the relative scaling for all features, and therefore this kind of barplot is only of limited use.

What I am searching for is a barplot with an ‘option’ to select features from a separat table, e.g. the tsv table exported from qurro (instead of selecting them manually, one by one…). I assume, that this would require a major redesign of the taxa barplot plugin, but may be there is a way around to get to the same result with existing functionalities.

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Thanks for the clear explanation. I don’t know of an easy way in (QIIME 2) of automatically filtering a barplot to just show a set list of features, unfortunately (at least not while still keeping the same “proportions” as the unfiltered data, as you discussed).

I think doing this currently will either require 1. selecting the features manually, as you suggested, or 2. using custom code to create a barplot with only certain sections colored in (this might be doable with phyloseq’s taxonomic barplots, which as I understand can be customized with ggplot2?).

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Thank you for your comments on my idea of presenting results. Many colleagues are more familiar with taxa barplots than with qurro’s log-ratio plot, althought the latter one has much more power.
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