Firefox incompatibility

I experienced a Firefox incomatibility with the newest Firefox release 61.0.1 (64bit) on Win10 (sorry, I have to open a new topic since similar topics are closed).
'Qiime 2 View' ( tells ne that it would be compatible with FF47++, but I get the error message (screenshot).
Any suggestions?

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Oh no! That’s not right. Just in case, are you using a private browsing window? Service workers get disabled in that context.

I get this window, when not using private browsing...
I will have to look deeper into Firefox (or use Chrome).

Hey @arwqiime!

Interesting, if you were to open up the developer console (instructions for that here) and choose the networking tab, what do you see?

I kind of think something is wrong with your CA certificates, but I the entire connection should have died, so I don't know why you see anything at all, much less the SecurityError.

A screenshot of the network tab of the developer console is attached. If you want me to provide more details, please send me some instructions.
Thank you very much!

a short update on the viewer issue above: It has nothing to do with CA certificates, as the page loads correctly in Chrome (as out IT department says).
Therefore, I created a brandnew Firefox profile with standard settings, and it loads correctly. I tried to figure out which one of my settings does cause the SecurityError, but I could not find it until now.

Sorry about causing this trouble, the problem was my (somehow modified) Firefox profile…


No problem at all! I’m glad you were able to sort it out, I was at a total loss myself :slight_smile:

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