Finding alignment files for Sidle

Hi @jwdebelius, I want to thank you for q2-sidle, I have used it assembling sequences from six 16S regions based on SILVA 138 (release for qiime2), and the results were excellent!
However, I cannot reconstruct the phylogenetic tree, I have not been able to create or "get" an alignment of these SILVA 138 sequences. Do you have any suggestions, what could I do?

Hi @Dasiel_Obregon,

As hopefully noted in the documentation (I think it's a big note at the top of database preperation), tree building only works with the Silva 128 or Greengenes 13_8 fragment insertion trees. So, I think that's the first hurdle. Because I tend to use Silva 128, I get my alignment set from the QIIME folder on the Silva site. I'm hoping :crossed_fingers: the next RESCRIPt release will let you reverse transcribe aligned sequences, which will solve some of the issue with RESCRIPt. I dont have a tidy solution for making a new fragment insertion backbone; I think several people have discussed it but I currently dont have the expertise or compute to do it, unfortunately.