Filter data error

Hello All
I want to filter my sample data, while I am giving my sequence files as input data file it gives error and shows no table was provided.
However I have dereplicated my data and saved the same in the form of table.qza on submitting this table .qza as my input file ,
qiime feature-table filter-samples --i-table table.qza --p-min-frequency 2000 --o-filtered-table filtered_samples.qza
it gives an error showing
What to do
More over one thing I want to clear here is that I need a relative abundance table and the representative sequence file in fasta format for use some where else.
Kindly guide me it is urgent for me

This error message means that your computer ran out of memory and so your computer terminated the job. This should not be a very memory-intensive action, so I suspect you might have other processes running that are eating up RAM… if not, then a more powerful computer may be your only answer.

Good luck!

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