figures control on x-axis?

Can I control the figure (attached)? I got as the names on the x-axis need more space for a better visualisation

even when I tried to save it as pdf, it has the same issue.

Thanks very much

Hi @MarwaTawfik ,

Here are a few options for you:
a) Download the raw data and plot this exactly the way you want using whatever software you are comfortable with:
Screenshot from 2021-10-25 11-39-36
b) Download the pdf version and edit it manually. I convert mine to SVG format then use Inkscape for editing.
c) If the only issue is that the x axis names are too long you can just replace the values in your metadata file and re-run the test. The values are taken directly from there.

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Thanks very much for you reply @Mehrbod_Estaki

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I am double-checking what is the "n" in the fig is denoting for?

Hi @MarwaTawfik ,
I think this post might help answer your question.

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