Features in Principal Coordinate Analysis Biplot

Dear all!
I got nice biplot visualizations for my data. Could you explain me by which criteria features, represented in the biplot were selected?
When I extracted data for arrow plotting from biplot.qzv files and took first features sorted by the biggest absolute values I received in some cases the same features, but in other different.

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Hey there @timanix!

I had to dig a little bit here (which means we could probably do a better job documenting this):

So, it looks to me like the “importance” is calculated for each feature based on the vector’s magnitude (euclidean distance from origin). The n largest “importances” are then plotted in the emperor viz (5 largest, by default).

Hope that helps!



Thank you a lot for your answer.
This code is exactly what I needed!!!
Now in the scatterplot I can plot the same features as in biplot.qzv! Perfect!

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