Feature table with taxonomy

I am trying to generate a table that has my taxonomy, in a previous time I managed to do it this way:

#OTU ID GM211 GM212 GM213 taxonomy
a67f3fcddd846fbdff56bb3515fc0f2a 0,0 0,0 390,0 d__Eukaryota; p__Diatomea; c__Bacillariophyceae; o__Bacillariophyceae; f__Bacillariophyceae; g__Gomphonema

(that is the first row)

but I can't remember how I did it and what I have seen in the forums has not worked for me.

I look forward to your comments and thank you!

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Are you trying to create a feature table with taxonomic information(so type FeatureTable[Taxonomy] or view the contents of one you have already generated?

My first guess is that you want to generate one, if so, checkout this general overview of the taxonomic annotation process and then see the moving pictures tutorial to see it in action!

Yes! the first thing you mention, I will try with your suggestion, thank you

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