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Hello all,
I wonder if the feature table could be converted to a readable format to be used to do some personal analysis?
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Zhenhao Luo

Hi @zhenhaoluo! Have you had a chance to review the Exporting data tutorial? Once you export your Feature Table, you can use biom to convert to a format that makes the most sense for you and your needs. Let us know if you get stuck! :t_rex:

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Hello @thermokarst - Thank you for your suggestion. I tried the exporting and biom converting but in the final tsv format biom table, I’m losing the taxonomy information.

Does the feature table artifact not contain taxonomy information?


Hi @tschuelke!

In QIIME 2, the FeatureTable artifact doesn’t contain taxonomy info. That info is stored in a separate FeatureData[Taxonomy] artifact – see this section of the Moving Pictures tutorial for examples (the taxonomy.qza file has the taxonomy info). Check out this forum topic for details on how to export the taxonomy info and add it to your .biom file.

Thank you @jairideout! Those links are extremely helpful! -Taruna

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