Feature table summarize Invalid DISPLAY variable


I'm trying to analize the data from one microbiome study, following the Moving Pictures tutorials steps. Everything worked fine until I reached the "FeatureTable and FeatureData summaries" step, where the following error appears:

I saw several posts here refering to an error of the matplotlib plugin, so following the instructions there I checked wether I have it installed or not. Apparently, the conda version I am running have this package installed, but when I check the plugins of qiime2 it doesn't appear.
Therefore, I suppose the error is related to the absence of this plugin. There's some way I could upload this plugin into qiime2 manually or something like that?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi @mc92!

matplotlib isn’t a QIIME 2 plugin so it won’t show up in qiime info. matplotlib is a Python library for producing plots, and several QIIME 2 plugins use it internally for plotting. Since you’re getting an Invalid DISPLAY variable error from matplotlib, that means it is installed! :tada:

There’s a few posts on the forum describing how to fix this particular issue. Can you try the suggestions in this post?


Hi @jairideout,

I tried this command in the conda environment

echo "backend: Agg" > ~/.config/matplotlib/matplotlibrc 

and it worked! So I suppose the problem was not with Qiime but with the matplotlib configuration.

Thank you very much!


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