Feature Table showing Zero Truncated Reads After Quality Control

Hello! Thank you in advance for helping

Issue: After truncating the reads, the feature table shows that 0 reads have been truncated.


I truncated the reads at 399nts based on the median that is in the chart above.

This is the output as a result of all of the above:

This is the output from the QIIME2 "Moving Pictures" tutorial:

Compared to the sample table output from the tutorial, there should not be zero (0) "reads-truncated" or "reads-too-short-after-truncation". What are some possible reasons for what this is happening?

Thank you.

Hi @s_mers,
I do not necessarily see a problem here — it looks like you do have plenty of reads passing denoising. Use feature-table summarize to check the final feature table.

Judging from your demux length summary (it is unclear at which point that summary was generated, but I am assuming before quality filtering), it looks like these reads may have already been trimmed? So trimming is doing nothing on the second pass.

Thank you @Nicholas_Bokulich.

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