Feature table from only FeatureData[sequence]


I am new to using QIMME but have run into difficulties in generating a Features Table. I have unaligned sequences in FASTA format as follows:


Where the the header is in the format _

I can import these sequences as a FeatureData[sequence] but not as a SampleData[sequences] file. As such I cannot run “qiime vsearch dereplicate-sequences” or “qiime vsearch cluster-features-de-novo”.

I simply want to generate a Features table and a fasta file containing representative sequences. Is there a way I can do this with the FeatureData[sequence] data type? Alternatively, is there a way to coerce this data into a SampleData[sequences] file format? I saw another post with a similar problem from earlier this year but no solution was offered.

Thank you for any help.

Really? That surprises me, since this looks like the QIIME 1 Demux Format to me. Did you try something like this?

qiime tools import \
  --input-path seqs.fna \
  --output-path seqs.qza \
  --type 'SampleData[Sequences]'

Please post the exact command you ran, and the exact error you received. Thanks!

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