Fastq Manifest creation

Hello, I have Phred 33 demultiplexed Fastq files (both forward and reverse) in a folder. I believe I should be using the PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33 to import my data; however, I do not have a manifest file. How do I create a manifest file from my folder containing forward and referse fastq files?
Thank you.

Hi @cquin! You’ll need to create a manifest file following the requirements described in the importing tutorial. There’s a few ways to do that: you can use a spreadsheet program to create the file and export it as CSV (comma-separated values), or you can create the file directly in a text editor of your choosing. If you know some scripting, you could write a script to create the manifest file for you based on the input directory.

Note that if your directory of FASTQ files match the Casava 1.8 naming conventions, you can skip the manifest file altogether and import your data following this section of the importing tutorial.

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