Facing Problem in installing latest version of qiime2-2021.2

@thermokarst when I update my old qiime2-2020.8 into 2021.2 I got the following error, I tried many times to resolve this issue but I couldn't succeed. please see the screenshot of the error.

further, i am continually trying and i got again error. i wanted to tell you i have uninstalled all the miniconda and qiime2 version prior to download new 2021.2 version of QIIME2. apart from this when i was tried with older version of QIIME2-2020.8 it is working fine but when i tried to update with a newer one i faced these errors, also i want to tell these error persistently occurred when i tried to update 2020.11 version now also occurred in 2021.2 version.

Hi @SAMRENDRA01 :wave:,

I believe this issue should be resolved in the next release of QIIME 2 (thanks, @lizgehret!). Please see this issue for how to resolve it on your own in the mean time:

A couple of side notes:

  • Please do not directly ping moderators unnecessarily.
  • It looks like your second screenshot is an additional, unrelated question. I also noticed that it is a question that has already been answered on the forum. Please take the time to search the forum for previous discussions about this problem and follow up in a different topic if you still need help.

Best of luck! :shamrock:

EDIT: I didn’t look closely enough at your first screenshot and see there is an issue I overlooked. I’ll take a closer look and follow up with more details, @SAMRENDRA01 . Sorry about that!


Please take a look at the answer to this topic:

That should set you off in the right direction but let us know if you need further assistance.

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