Exporting charts for manuscript from view.qiime2

Hi there,

I have did Shannons index plot and rarefaction curve with OTUs as well as Faith phylogenetic diversity as guided by Qiime2 “Moving Pictures” Tutorial. I could see the visualization on view.qiime2. My question is how do I export the plots to a pdf file?

Many many thanks in advance.

Hi @Arun04,

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to export the diagram at this point (there is a related issue open), but there’s something else you can kind of do:

If you right click inside the page, you should see something like a This Frame > option. If you follow that to something like Open in new Tab you will get just the visualiztion (without the q2view menubar) and can print to PDF. The layout isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s a workaround. A screenshot is another option.

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