Export QIIME2 qza file to MEGAN

Hi QIIME2 experts,
I want to know if there is any easy way to create all inclusive QIIME2 biome file that can be exported to MEGAN?
Previously with QIIME1, I could create a biome file that could be easily fed into MEGAN. Is there a similar way now with QIIME2?
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I am not sure what BIOM format MEGAN requires, but artifacts of type FeatureTable[Frequency] have the data stored as BIOMV210. You can unzip the artifact and retrieve the '.biom' table from inside of the 'data' folder.

Thanks Keegan. Is there an easy way to chane the OTU IDs with taxa name? in the FeatureTable?


You will need to perform a taxonomic classification first. I would start by checking out this tutorial!

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