Export alpha rarefaction curve as svg

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I notice we can export the bar plots as svg, but not the alpha rarefaction curves. How can we do this woth the alpha rarefaction curve for a publication quality image?

Thank you.


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Hello Ben,

I think the common method would be to export the data in the rarefaction curves, then plot it yourself in your program of choice (R, python, excel).

You can download the data in the graph using the “Download CSV” button in the top left.


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Thank you for your reply Colin. I want to recreate the curve that Qiime2 outputs. Does anyone have any R code that they could share to recreate it?

Thanks again.


(Mehrbod Estaki) #4

There should be loads of example codes for this kind of stuff in R, vegan package for example I know has this. Here’s another example tutorial I found just googling around.

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(Colin Brislawn) #5

While R and Python are great for complex graphs, you could pretty easily make this as a line graph in Excel. Sometimes even Excel is publication quality! 🤷


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