esc: wq command is not working in qiime2

Hey everyone. I trust this message meets you well. I am a new qiime2 user. I created a manifest file before and had no issue, but I had to delete and re-install qiime2, Now I installed qiime2 in a virtual machine, I created a manifest file with the following command:
export LC_ALL=en_US.utf-8
export LANG=en_US.utf-8
vi manifest_file_1to008.csv
Then, a terminal window opened, I pasted my data in it, I pressed ESC : and wq, to return and save my file, I am facing the following error again and again, and cant return to my main terminal.

Hi @Afrah! This isn't an "error" - its vi telling you that you don't have permission to write to this particular location. If you save to a path you do have permission to write to you should be all set.

Hey Metthew!

Thank you so much. I have resolved that issue. @thermokarst
However, I am facing another issue now. I am unable to proceed with training classifier, whenever I try to train my classifier my Qiime2 stops and my machine freeze.
I am using lenovo in with 8gb RAM.
P.S, I am using greengenes database for analysis.
Kindly advise.

Glad to hear it @Afrah. I see you posted this question over here, too:

Let's continue the discussion there, since we don't support cross-posting on this forum. Thanks!

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