Error with metadata tabulate in qiime2 view


I am running into an issue trying to show my output from qiime metadata tabulate on qiime2 view. I found a work around by unzipping the original qza taxonomy file and manually getting the tsv file. I just wanted to report this incase other people are experiencing this issue.

Here is the code I used to create my visualization file:

qiime metadata tabulate 
--m-input-file Taxonomy/Filtered/18S_Final_Taxonomy/18S_Final_SILVA128_Taxonomy.qza
--o-visualization Taxonomy/Filtered/18S_Final_Taxonomy/18S_Final_SILVA128_TaxonomySUM.qzv

Here is the file I was trying to import into qiime view:
18S_Final_SILVA128_Taxonomy_SUM.qzv (1.4 MB)

Danny :octopus:

Hi @Stream_biofilm! Thanks for sharing - we have an open issue for this bug :bug:. Thanks for sharing your workaround - stay tuned for a fix in a future release! :t_rex:

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QIIME 2 2018.2 is out now, and it includes a handful of bug fixes and enhancements to this visualization. Relevant to this discussion, there is now improved error handling, so when things break, it should be much more clear that it really is in fact broken. Thanks!

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