Error when trying to view Emperor plot

Hello there!

I am running QIIME2-2021.8 on a Mac, installed with conda. I have been able to run the core-metrics-phylogenetic command on my data, and now wanted to see the visualization of the Bray-Curtis PCoA with emperor, but I get an error message each time I try. I have tried both through the QIIME tools view command and through, and neither is working. I am able to view all other visualizations that I have created, just not the Emperor plots.

I get the following error:
Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 09.46.40

Hope you can help!

Hi there @lineroager!

Emperor uses a technology called "webgl" to make 3d renderings - my guess is your browser doesn't have webgl (or if it does have it, it isn't enabled). Can you try using a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox?

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