Error when running beta-group-significance

Hi @Keegan-Evans

I have a question on the same topic. I am following the tutorial of Parkinson Mouse Tutorial. I am interested in using the beta-group-significance command to find out if my time_pt, group or sample_type variables are associated with significant differences in weighted and unweighted UniFrac distance.

I am using these commands from the Parkinson Mouse Tutorial adapted to my data.

qiime diversity beta-group-significance
--i-distance-matrix core-metrics-results/unweighted_unifrac_distance_matrix.qza
--m-metadata-file metadata.tsv
--m-metadata-column donor
--o-visualization core-metrics-results/unweighted-unifrac-donor-significance.qzv

qiime diversity beta-group-significance
--i-distance-matrix core-metrics-results/weighted_unifrac_distance_matrix.qza
--m-metadata-file metadata.tsv
--m-metadata-column donor
--o-visualization core-metrics-results/weighted-unifrac-donor-significance.qzv

This is the command I am running:

However, I get that I don't have the correct metadata file. This is the metadata file I am using:

I can't figure out what could be wrong with my metadata file.

It would be of great help, if I can identify what the error is.



Hi there @KatherinePena!

The error indicates that the metadata file could not be found at the location you have specified, which is ~/michael/manifest-mito.txt

Let's confirm that:

ls ~/michael/manifest-mito.txt
ls ~/michael/

Please run those commands in your terminal and share the result here!


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