Error when opening .qzv due atk-bridge with firefox

Hi everyone,

I am using the qiime2-2023.2 version in Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS. Following the moving picture I created the demux.qzv and the error appear when I use ''qiime tools view demux.qzv'' because I get the next message in the shell ''This view may no longer be accessible or work correctly after quitting.Gtk-Message: 11:53:39.234: Not loading module "atk-bridge": The functionality is provided by GTK natively. Please try to not load it."

And in the firefox windows I get a message that the file its not found:

> File not found
> Firefox cannot find the file at /tmp/qiime2/julia/data/82e7b8cb-d28d-48a7-a28a-c382fd8ad0d6/data/index.html.
>      Check that the file name is free of typos, including capitalization.
>      Check if the file has been moved, renamed or deleted."

I have checked through the galaxy server the qzv file and everything its fine so the issue its not with the file itself but probably with the instalation. I have searched in other topics but didnt find this issue.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @VerheulJulia!

That's pretty strange, I wonder if there's any chance that the qzv hadn't finished or was corrupted somehow downloading (since you mention Galaxy I assume there was a download step).

One thing we could try is to run:

zip -T demux.qzv

Which will test the integrity of the zip archive (which is what qza/qzv's are actually made of).

(In case you are used to it, filename completion may not work with zip as that program doesn't know that qza/qzv's are zip files, but if you give it the path it will still work correctly)

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This may also technically be the issue, as if something causes the session to end, the filepath gets cleaned up and then your browser won't see it anymore.

Also this warning happens to everyone, and while it's very annoying and tends to smear characters all over your terminal, it can be ignored.

HI @ebolyen,

I dont think the qzv its corrupted because I have been using the qiime view interface and the file its rode perfectly. Futhermore, when trying to use FastqC I get the same problem so I guess there is some kind of trouble when I try to open any html throught the terminal so its not an qiime issue but an firefox or my computer issue.

Thanks !

Hi @VerheulJulia,

When you mention through the terminal, is it by chance through an SSH tunnel? If so, you would need to forward your X session (and have an X server available on your local computer for the X session to talk to).

Otherwise, perhaps it's an issue with how Firefox is installed. I can't really say for sure, since it sounds like it's happening with other files.

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